Our team of business and technical professionals are committed to your growth and success...

Digital Services

We work with brand creation agencies to implement the digital strategies of our real estate customers.

By interfacing with existing PEX software we can reduce both the time and cost of delivering highly stylised interactive customer experience platforms. With a range of front-end solutions we are able to meet business and budgetary requirements influenced by the strategy, size and growth plans for the portfolio.

Our team of web designers will deliver interactive presentation layers supporting highly stylised customer journeys which are optimised for new mobile strategies.

Software Services

The migration to cloud based software services delivers a range of business benefits, efficiencies and cost savings.

Our customers typically see a reduction in costs from simplifying their IT system and from reduced software, hardware and infrastructure costs.

  • User Support: is provided on a range of plans profiled to suit geographical and business requirements.
  • Our team provides 24 hour support to a number of international customers.
  • Software Maintenance: our quality control and continuous improvement programs support a road map and the delivery of upgrades and new versions of PEX.
  • Software Development: as a software house our development teams in London and Valencia deliver additional functionality to those of our customers with unique business process leveraging their market leading competitive advantage.
  • Hosting & Business Continuity: our customers demand the highest levels of security, back up, continuous uptime and contingency resource.

PEX Training

Customers who invest more in training receive a higher ROI

Over the years we have developed a range of training solutions and approaches to help our customers maximise the return on their investment…

Consulting Services

PEX delivers best practice encapsulated within its proven software functionality

by combining the highly configurable nature of PEX software with the experience of our business and implementation consultants our customers can more effectively adopt those standard operating procedures required to effectively scale their management operations.

Increasingly a large part of our work involves providing the rationalisation of systems and business processes, interfaces to and integration with third party systems.